7 Amazing Marketing Tips and Strategies for New Dropshipping Businesses

The dropshipping market is becoming highly competitive, and to survive, you need to have strategies that distinguish you from your competitors. Read on to discover some marketing t…, Continue Reading…

May 21, 2022

Dropshipping is a great business model, as it’s considered the only lucrative business that allows an entrepreneur to sell products without having a product inventory or stock. The dropshipping market is becoming highly competitive, and to survive in this competitive market, you need to have strategies that separate you from your competitors. Having an impactful and revenue-generating dropshipping marketing strategy can help you acquire more customers and skyrocket the success of your business. Continue reading to discover 7 amazing dropshipping marketing tips and strategies that you can use and implement to grow your dropshipping business.

Leverage On Content Creation

One of the biggest marketing strategies for dropshipping businesses is content creation. You need to create content for your products through writing, image photographs, and most especially videos for your website daily. This will allow customers to build credibility and trust in your products, and you'll be amazed by how much traffic you'll generate for your dropshipping store.

Create Compelling Offers

Another tip for a successful dropshipping business is creating compelling offers. You need to think about how you can make buying from you and building a relationship with you even more enticing. This could mean offering buy one, get one half off deals, bundling multiple complementary items at a discounted rate, offering a significant discount on your visitor’s first purchase, if they register for an account, creating giveaways on special occasions, and so on. Look at your offer from your visitor’s perspective, and ask, “What’s in it for me?” If the offer isn’t good or amazing, you should rethink it. By making offers that are difficult to ignore, you stand a better chance of converting more of the traffic you are driving to sales.

Avoid Underpricing your Products

Just because your dropshipping business is new doesn't mean you should underpricing your products. Offering a lower overall cost on bundled products or “buy one get one half off deals” is not the same as selling your entire inventory at just above cost. This is a massive mistake new dropshippers make all the time where they are not making any sales, and suddenly everything in their store is severely discounted. Offering your products at rock-bottom prices can have a massive negative impact on your branding. If you're not making sales, don’t jump to assuming it’s your prices that are holding you back. Instead, reevaluate how you are driving traffic and the offers you are making. It’s better to find new ways to drive traffic than it is to slash prices.

Build a Strong Social Media Presence

Today social media is the best way to drive traffic to your website. In 2020, social media is estimated to have more than 3.6 billion active users, and it is projected to grow by 4.41billion in 2025. From the above stats, you’ll see that your target audience is hanging out on different social media platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. Remember consistency is key when you're creating or have created a business page for your dropshipping business and looking to gain more customers, by engaging them with the content you've created. Spreading awareness about your products can offer you more appealing results for your dropshipping business.

Market Through Influencers

Influencer marketing is one of the hottest marketing strategies. 49% of people take recommendations from influencers when deciding what products to buy. Consider reaching out to influencers or brand ambassadors, and asking them to advertise your business. Because, they have a good audience base, reaching out to them increases the reach of your dropshipping business, resulting in high traffic and conversion.

Offer Exceptional Customer Service

There are ways to stand out when you’re selling similar products to other companies. While you may think that offering refunds and responding to inquiries or questions is the role of customer service, however, that’s just where the job begins. Write thank you cards or messages, send surprises and go out of your way to make your customers feel special. Like the poet, Maya Angelou said, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

Use ePacket Shipping Service

As a dropshipper, you are free to sort products based on ePacket shipping. Being the fastest and most affordable shipping method, you’ll be able to ensure quick delivery to customers. On average, ePacket shipping costs under $5 for most products, and will ensure your customers get your products within 7 to 20 business days, and often much faster. As little as this is, it will make customers have huge confidence in you, and refer you where and when possible.


Honestly, there are a ton of different marketing strategies and tactics you can try, that will drive a lot of traffic to your stores. As a dropshipper, whether you're new or not, I'll advise you to focus on the handful of tips that have been discussed earlier, and implement them. These dropshipping marketing strategies will play a key role in grabbing more customers on your website and enhancing the success of your dropshipping business.Do you need a reliable dropshipping company for your ecommerce business? Contact us today at Fulfillman. We specialize in providing excellent and top class Dropshipping services, Warehouse fulfillment, China sourcing, Third Party Logistics, and many more. Our trusted experts will be available to speak with you and discuss your needs. We guarantee you get quality and excellent services that gives complete customer satisfaction. An amazing experience awaits you.

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