Terms of service

We offer goods and services for sale on this website. Our business is design to connect your company to wholesale suppliers using the information we gathered from you. We may use third parties to help fulfill your orders, to help provide customer service, to help process payment. Confirm that you agree with the following terms by placing your order company wholesales package.

  • We connect your company to wholesale manufacturer and distributor via our website.
  • By signing up with us, your company gives us the full permission to forward your order request and business information to the wholesale manufactures and distributor.
  • We do not fill out a credit application or dealer application for your company.
  • Prices are subject to alteration.
  • For all sales, payment must be cleared during the time of purchase.
  • We won’t share any information of your order with the customers.
  • We do not guarantee any particular brand to be available for your company.
  • We do not assist you and your company in obtaining any licensing.
  • We only deal with licensed resellers looking to expand their business.
  • We provide a phone number for consultation during regular business hours.
  • We contact the wholesale manufactures and distributor for your company.
  • We offer wholesale business-to-business service.

When you sign up with us, you agree with our terms of service and give us the opportunity to connect your company with the master of wholesale manufacturers and distributors.

Image copyright

Photographs and other images are generally protected by copyright. We do not take responsibility for copyright/trademark/copy images when a customer takes images from another website to advertise on their website. Therefore, it’s recommended you receive authorization from the creator to use his/her image on your website. You should check with the owner or creator whether you need to purchase a license if you want to use an image that you find on the Internet.


If you give us feedback about our website or products and services, you grant us the right to use that feedback to improve our site without being obliged to pay you any compensation in respect of our use of your feedback.