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Fulfillman has a global connection which ensures the best hands handle your sourcing, production, shipment, and fulfillment. We’ll help you find, choose, and manage suppliers to bring your product to the market.

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Sourcing from China

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We provide you with a minimum of 3 written sealed quotes from different suppliers.

Production process

We place the order in your name to the company while applying for terms and conditions. We also discuss all details such as payment term, delivery, quantity while pushing for quick delivery.

Quality control

We monitor the entire order during the production process and inspect all your goods before shipment to ensure they are in perfect order.

Delivered to your doorstep

Whether you want the goods to be shipped to your Amazon warehouse, Shopify or doorstep, we’ll handle the logistics for you.

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We’re there for you anytime you need us. Contact us for a consultation, estimate or any question you might have about your needs.

About us

Sourcing from China

We offer a comprehensive range of tailor-made sourcing services aimed at facilitating and streamlining your business in China. We have a reliable network that reaches out to the best suppliers in China, and our team uses their expertise and experience to ensure that you minimize expenses, mitigate associated risks, and secure transactions for an unequivocal supply chain in China.

Our team of experts has expertise and skills that span across many industries and fields. And Fulfillman capability to manage orders from start to finish ensures highly efficient and seamless procurement process.