7 Private Label Dropshipping Mistakes to Avoid

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August 27, 2021

The private label dropshipping space is a great business model with a lot of benefits to it. Once you have done your research on the market and gotten yourself a product, all that is required is to get a reliable supplier, and hey presto! You are in business.Well, while there is relative ease with private dropshipping, there are also several mistakes that could frustrate your efforts. Read on to find out what they are.

Entering a Market that’s Too Broad

As a private label dropshipper, you want to steer clear of overpopulated markets, especially the mainstream ones. The reason is that these kinds of markets have preferred products which are the mainstays. So consumers in those markets are always loyal to them.You might be able to break into the market during a recession when consumers need cheaper alternatives. By and large, markets that are too broad are too risky for private-label dropshipping. So you should avoid the mistake of going into them.Instead, stick to the niche markets. Try to cultivate and promote a product that you can own and modify for your niche audience. That way, you can create your path and build a customer base devoted to your products.

Poor Business Relationships

It would be best if you had good business relationships with the other parties you do business with. You can’t afford to have a poor relationship with your supplier in particular. Having a bad business relationship with your supplier is one of the worst mistakes of a private-label dropshipper. You are in business because of your products, and the supplier provides these products. So technically, you can’t have a thriving business without a great working relationship with your supplier.That does not mean that you won’t do your due diligence before getting in business with them. Ensure that you vet a supplier before going into business with them. Once you are in business, keep your communication with your suppliers as straightforward and as cordial as possible.


It is tough to handle the pricing aspect of private label dropshipping. You see, there will always be competition in the dropshipping business, and in most cases, pricing is weaponized. Everyone is constantly looking to make profits while setting pricing that makes them more attractive than their competition.So, pricing is a double-edged sword that can cut you when you don't balance it properly. Avoid the mistake of setting prices that are too high for your customer(all in the name of chasing profits) or prices that are too low to make any profits(because you are looking to undercut your competition).

Inadequate Market Research

Success in private label dropshipping depends on effective market research. You can't have a thriving private label dropshipping business without adequate data about market openings, sales channel performance, product demands, and seasonal trends, among other things.Sadly, some private label dropshippers do not conduct adequate research, particularly product research.You need to know what works before joining the fray, and the only way to do that is to do adequate research. Thorough research will help you avoid saturated markets and many other pitfalls in the dropshipping business.

Poor Inventory Management

What is the point of having a customer base that can't access your products because they are out of stock? It would be best if you manage your inventory in such a manner that your customer base can always count on getting the products from you.Inventory management means that you should strike a balance with the way you stock your products. Too little means that you will lose your customers to the competition. With too much stock, you run the risk of taking losses if the prices drop.

Insufficient Product Promotion

Like with all kinds of business, you need enough product promotion to stay on top of your competition. As a private label droppshipper looking to make a killing from your products, you need to avoid the mistake of being carefree with your product promotion.So what if you have a great product that meets people’s needs? So what if the pricing is excellent and unbeatable on the market? Without the right product promotion and outreach, no one gets to know what you have to offer, and that is a grave mistake. All the investment and efforts put into the product goes to naught if the right people do not know about your product. Never take your product marketing, branding, or advertising for granted.

Unprofessional Customer Service

Dropshipping is primarily a virtual business. Trust is a big issue in in-person business models, and it is an even bigger issue when it comes to ecommerce. As a private dropshipper, avoid the mistake of having unprofessional customer service. Reason being that your customer service is the first point of contact with the outside world.It is your customer service that customers contact when they have issues. So you want to ensure that you have a team that responds to problems promptly and in the most professional manner possible.


Being able to identify mistakes in any sphere of life reduces your chances of making those mistakes. We hope that you will be able to steer clear of the private label dropshipping mistakes described in this article.Call us today to know more about our private label dropshipping services. Our dedicated representatives will be available to speak with you and discuss your available options. With us, you are guaranteed to get quality and outstanding services that give 100% client satisfaction. A fantastic experience awaits you!

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