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8 Tips on How to Improve Your Product Photography

High-quality photos have been known to retain visitors to a particular website, if they don’t like how the images look, chances are they’ll leave and not return. This shows how vit…, Continue Reading…

November 21, 2019

High-quality photos have been known to retain visitors to a particular website, if they don’t like how the images look, chances are they’ll leave and not return. This shows how vital and beneficial your product photography can be. Fortunately, here are some tips that will help you in improving your product photography.


Planning before setting out is one of the most valuable and rewarding things one could do. Before starting your product photography, there’s a need for proper planning. What kind of images are you looking at to get as an output? Would it fit your brand? All these and many other questions should make up your plans. Product photography is such an important investment that involves money and time; proper planning helps in getting it right.

Consider Using A Tripod

Well, you need not be a nerdy before you can use a tripod. Now, remember that experience of shaky hands when trying to take a photo? Well, this is where the tripod comes in. Basically, tripods are stands that are used in stabilizing your camera from shaky hands. Often when you take a photo with a phone and the hand gets shaky, the images tend to be a blur. However, with the use of a tripod, which essentially stabilizes your camera, there will be no blur images as they will look sharp, precise, and professional.

Take Product Photos as An Investment

It’s just natural that excellent and high-quality photos attract people. This is why it is important to remember and take your product photos as an investment. It is not in anyone’s interest but yours. Good and high-quality images can do a lot for your business in terms of conversions. Whichever route you take in getting high-quality images to your website, whether you take them by yourself or a photographer did it, you’re investing time and money. You need to make it count!

Take A Photo Editing Class

Taking a basic photo editing class is not a bad idea. Remember, product photography is an investment; you need every shot you can throw at it to be successful. Taking a basic photo editing class is one of the ways to ensure this investment is worthwhile. Although you may not need to make much editing, product editing needs to be minimal; however, it’s a must-have skill for someone into photos photography.Small edits like saturation and correcting photos flaws are not out of line. Sometimes, attempting to make the edits by yourself without the necessary knowledge can be frustrating; this is why you can improve by learning the basics at least. Fortunately, you don’t even need to worry about the costs of taking these classes, as there are several videos on YouTube which you can learn with.

Take Multiple Shots from Different Angles

Yes! Taking multiple shots from different angles can help you in many ways. One is -allowing your customers to know how exactly your product looks like from different angles. Another is – giving you different options when you want to edit. If you take multiple shots from different angles of your product, it tends to get easy and faster when there’s a need for an edit, as you don’t need to start taking another shot entirely again. The idea is to take multiple shots, from which you can easily choose the best one or a few out of all.

Lighting Is Key

What’s a photo without lighting? Lighting is very super important when it comes to photography. It is key to creating high-quality catchy product photos. It says a lot about a photo. Some of the things lighting does are highlighting textures and colors, determining the darkness or brightness of photos, establishing the tone, and atmosphere of photos. To improve your product photography, you need to be able to understand how lighting works.

Shoot for Small Edits

There’s a big difference between doing little touch-up editing on your photos and whole editing work. To improve on your product photography, you need to start shooting for just small edit to make a perfect photo. Some people do think they can just shoot anyhow and go for editing later.However, this can result in a whole lot of time-wasting. Much energy should have been used towards creating good shots, then doing small edits later. Editing your product photos should be about enhancing them, not completely changing them.

Know Your Products Style

Basically, taking photos of your product can come in two forms. Product only photos and lifestyle photos. If you’re using an e-commerce store, the product only photos might be the best for you. They involve taking multiple angles shot of your products on a neutral background. The other form – Lifestyle photos show your products in action. It involves a setting that features your product alongside some complementary subjects.This style allows creativity, as consumers can imagine themselves with your products. Therefore, if you are selling through social media or blog posts, you can improve your product photography by creating lifestyle photos. What’s more? You can combine the two, that’s what businesses do these days.There you have it! Reports have shown that over 90% of consumers cite images as a major factor when buying online. Being a major consideration for people when buying online, shows the necessity of showing off your products with a great photography. The above tips are what you need to improve and show off!At Fulfillman, we specialize in offering excellent Product Photography services. We are experts in Ghost Mannequin Photography, Hero Shots, as well as Jewelry Product Photography. Our services are well-detailed and highly professional. We offer the best quality photos that highlights your product in a way that will get your customers to pay attention. Contact us today at Fulfillman to know more about our services. An amazing experience awaits you.

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