CSV Dropshipping: Is It Still Useful In 2020

CSV dropshipping is a dropshipping model that involves using the CSV file sent by clients to process orders. Continue reading to discover more about CSV dropshipping, what clients…, Continue Reading….

November 16, 2020

Is CSV dropshipping still useful in 2020? Dropshipping is an incredible business model that has made several millionaires in just a few years of existence. While many have made millions, some others have not been so lucky. Actually, some have failed in dropshipping because they refused to adopt the best strategies and conduct their business the right way.Dropshipping the right way entails using the best available methods of getting things done. Knowing that the industry is evolving, it is important that dropshippers stay updated with developments. This doesn’t mean discarding old methods for the latest craze in the industry.CSV dropshipping has been around for a while. Many have been questioning if it is still useful in 2020. In all honesty, we can say that CSV dropshipping is still useful in 2020. You can still dropship using CSV, and we will discuss just how you can do it right away.

What is CSV File Orders?

CSV file can best be described as a kind of bulk dropshipping order that can be exported together for processing. It can be used by clients to place dropshipping orders and can also be used by dropshippers to process such orders. We will go over how this can be done. But just know the procedure may differ a little bit, depending on where you are shopping from and the system your seller is using.

What the Client Can Do

For a client, the following process can be followed to do dropshipping with CSV:

  • On orders, you should select a list of orders you wish to dropship.
  • Next, you should click the ‘Submit DropShip button. This will generate a CSV file that may be based on a GenericCSV template, depending on what is being used.
  • After generating the CSV file, you can send it to the supplier to initiate dropshipping. It is also possible for the client to mark the same list of orders as shipped using Bulk Update.

What Dropshippers Can Do To Import Orders

Dropshippers can use the CSV file sent by clients to process their orders, but they need to import it first. There is an ‘import’ page to do this.

Shipping Confirmation

Depending on the service being used, shipping confirmation can be pretty straightforward in CSV dropshipping. When orders are shipped with ActionShip, for instance, a Generic Ship Confirmation file can be generated under ‘Reports.’ You will need to choose ‘Shipment Reports.’ You will find that only ‘Generic’ orders will be included in the report.From the shipping confirmation file, you can get everything you need to track the shipment. Shipping status, postage costs, tracking number, and a few others can be communicated to the other party through the shipping confirmation file.

Uploading Shipping Confirmation

You will need to upload shipping confirmation if you are using CVS dropshipping, and the dropshipper sends a 'Generic Ship Confirmation' file. You need to migrate to the 'Upload Drop Ship Result' link and open 'orders' page. This method can be used to confirm any bulk dropshipping option. It works smoothly even for bulk orders coming from giant sources like eBay and Amazon.

Customizing Dropshipping Template

Depending on the services you are using, there may be conditions for customizing your dropship template if you are running a dropshipping business. Teapplix, for instance, will charge between $300 and $700, depending on the complexity of the CSV template. You may have to provide some information to get a quote for template customization. Here are some of the major information you may be asked to provide:

  • A clear specification of the CSV as well as sample
  • You may need to indicate if you want to test the CSV on your own, or you will want the service to do the testing for you. When you need the company to test the CSV, you will have to grant them access in due time.
  • You also need to state the validation rules needed for the CSV. You need to indicate whether all orders should be included in the dropship CSV, no matter what, when you select a list of orders. Two good examples of sample validation: (a) don't include orders that have no selected shipping method, (b) don't include orders to international destinations. Indicating these early will help to ensure that you get the CVS you really need.


Dropshipping tools are amazing when you get the right ones and use them correctly. CVS dropshipping is still relevant and useful in 2020. It becomes very important when you are scaling your ecommerce business and want to save yourself some time. It will also save you some money in the long run.Even when you are handling orders in their hundreds or thousands, dropshipping with CVS makes things faster. It may not take you more than 10 minutes to export your orders and send to your supplier. It is also possible to negotiate special pricing with your supplier when using this method.Contact Us today at Fulfillman in case you will like to know more about our dropshipping business. Our services are affordable, reliable, and highly professional. Our dedicated team will be available to speak with you. We will provide suitable answers to your questions and concerns. With us, you are guaranteed to get quality and excellent dropshipping services.

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