Eco-Friendly Packaging Ideas for Your Dropshipping Store to Try In 2023

For your dropshipping store, sustainability is more important than ever. Continue reading to know eco-friendly packaging ideas for your dropshipping store to try in 2023.…, Continue Reading….

March 25, 2023

About 81% of consumers are demanding sustainable packaging. And customers are becoming more aware of their environmental impact. Shoppers are now moving towards making more ethical, environmentally-friendly purchases. For your dropshipping store, sustainability is more important than ever. This blog will take you through the latest eco-friendly packaging ideas to get you inspired. Continue reading to know eco-friendly packaging ideas for your dropshipping store to try in 2023.

Reusable Packaging

As the population increases, more waste is being produced, which often ends up in landfills. One way to help reduce this is by creating eco-friendly packaging that can be used again and again. Perhaps your packaging could transform into something else once it’s been used. For example, a glass bottle tables up as a vase after it’s served its original purpose. You could even include instructions on the packaging for how to reuse it, so consumers know exactly how to get the most out of the materials.

Eco Poly Bags

There’s no doubt that our use of single-use plastic needs to decrease. It’s estimated that five trillion plastic bags are produced worldwide each year and it can take up to 1,000 years for a bag to decompose fully. However, there are still instances where plastic packaging is needed, particularly further up the supply chain, where it’s essential to protect a product as it goes through transit. That’s where eco-friendly packaging alternatives come into play. The single-use plastic bag has come a long way. Many recyclable, recycled, and biodegradable plastic dropshipping poly bags are available today, meaning you can reduce the amount of plastic waste your brand is responsible for.

Cardboard Boxes

Another eco-friendly packaging idea is cardboard boxes. Often, you can find boxes that are made from recycled materials. They’re affordable, sturdy, and biodegradable, meaning they’re more eco-friendly than plastics. If you’re worried about them damaging your products double it. Triple-walled cardboard could also be a useful alternative. Cardboard isn’t the most visually appealing material on its own, so personalize it with packaging labels or logo stickers. This way, you're able to add a personal touch and improve your brand.

Compostable or Biodegradable Packaging

Whether it’s compostable plastic poly bags, biodegradable papers, or water-soluble packaging peanuts, the wealth of compostable and the availability of biodegradable packaging options is now broad. As brands look to be more sustainable and investment in producing eco-friendly alternatives increases, more options are accessible by the day. The benefit of compostable and biodegradable options is that they break down over time, meaning there will be less plastic waste in our environment.

Recycled Materials

In current years, just like biodegradable packaging, recycled materials used for packaging have come by leaps and bounds. With 79% of our plastic waste sent to landfill or the ocean, the need for increased recycling into new products is more crucial than ever. Thus, what options are available? Waste polyester can now be recycled into new garment labels. Waste silicone can also be repurposed into new clothing badges. Waste lycra can be used for new garment tapes and, waste leather can be transformed into new trims. And the list goes on and on.

Sustainable Papers

For brands looking to clean up their carbon image, paper is a very good option. It is used for products such as swing tags, sustainable papers are an obvious, easy swap for greener, cleaner branding and packaging. There’s a whole range of eco-friendly packaging ideas using paper. There are FSC-certified options, kraft gift boxes, and recycled paper using waste bamboo and straw. Most papers are biodegradable and compostable, meaning their environmental impact is less harmful than plastic alternatives.

Reusable Gift Packaging, Boxes, and Bags

For eco-friendly packaging to become a norm, brands, and customers must shift their attitudes from single-use to reusable. Just because a product of packaging has been used once doesn’t mean it’s ready to be disposed of. Offering customers reusable alternatives is a great way to reduce your negative impact on the environment and reach sustainability targets. Gift packaging and boxes repurposed for gifting or storage are sustainable and offer added value to customers. Fabric bags can be reused again after the initial purchase.

Take Away

64% of consumers will buy from dropshippers that provide sustainable packaging. And 50% of consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging and delivery. This is a clear message to you that eco-friendly packaging is the way forward for your dropshipping store to incorporate.A snapshot of the eco-friendly packaging ideas has been discussed, but there’s much more for you to explore. This way, you will increasingly align towards customer demands while also gaining a strong environmental reputation. Good packaging along with a reliable inventory management solution will help you run your dropshipping business successfully.

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