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Ecommerce Marketing: Six Tips for Promoting Your Shopify Store in 2020

E-commerce marketing is now the new status quo in the world of businesses. In this article, we will expose you to six tips you can adopt to promote your Shopify store in 2020.…, Continue Reading….

September 25, 2020

The year 2020 may not be going according to plan due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many brick and mortar stores are closed up with some having no hope of ever recovering. While digital marketing has had its own share of COVID-19 effects, it’s noteworthy to mention that e-commerce owners are some of the little flourishing business owners at the moment. In this article, we will expose you to six tips you can adopt to promote your Shopify store in 2020.

The Performance of E-commerce Marketing Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

E-commerce marketing is now the new status quo in the world of businesses. Most business starters who wish to launch into the online space must know that there is an unhealthy rivalry going on, with numerous online businesses posing a severe threat. Almost all types of physical businesses have successfully found their way to the online platform, and as such, uniqueness or peculiarity is what makes the difference.As much as a plethora of businesses has leveraged the online environment, it doesn’t make e-commerce marketing any less critical, and it doesn’t mean you won’t succeed. It has saved business owners a whole lot of hassles. Having an e-commerce website, especially a Shopify store, is one of the first things that a 21st-century internet marketer should take advantage of. Even the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made the online world all the more relevant.However, having an e-commerce store is one thing, driving and increasing traffic and conversions are another critical determinant of success. For every online business to thrive, it must exploit the use of optimal e-commerce strategies. The online space is littered with valuable tools and various social platforms. If you can leverage them effectively for advertising and marketing your business, there’s a guaranteed massive inflow of traffic. Here are some six tips to promote your Shopify Store in 2020:

1. Leverage social media

Social media

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and the likes, have indeed been a blessing to e-commerce marketing. They have proven to be tools that can be harnessed to derive the expected result. Let’s briefly examine some of them.


In as much as Facebook has undergone a plethora of modifications, it remains a platform that can drive in massive traffic to your e-commerce website or online store.Interestingly, with Facebook, you can drive product and brand awareness and make anticipation for new product launches with an active 2.5 billion users.You can easily discover more leads and buyers using a simple signup process. Facebook might have started as an instant messaging app, but it has indeed revolutionized the online space, and you can leverage that in making your online biz fly. The platform helps in unifying the entire shopping process by linking the online spaces to the physical stores. With Facebook, you can accomplish a whole lot for your online e-commerce business. This popular social media platform has an audience insights tool that can fetch you credible information about your potential customers. You can also create a Facebook business page with a short description of your products and services. Facebook doesn’t just help in changing us from pen pals to online communicators, it also gave our online businesses numerous customers. With a mastery of Facebook uses for commercial purposes, you can send your business into the reaches of potential customers and like minds.


Pinterest was launched back in 2010 as a platform for women to check out trending fashion styles, decors, and meal planning activities. In as much as it has fewer users compared to other social media outlets, it is indeed gaining ground in e-commerce marketing. It is the second biggest source that drives social media traffic to Shopify with over 800,000 online stores, up to $68 billion worth of sales. Over the years, Pinterest has evolved, adopting new changes. However, that women use it more than men, it is still a place for online e-commerce businesses to generate more sales and thrive.With mastering Pinterest for e-commerce marketing, it comes the great opportunity of increasing traffic and sales in your online store.


This is another social media platform that can be a highly valuable e-commerce marketing tool. Before you use the Twitter handle as a marketing tool for your online business, you must ensure your audience is using it. If not, it will simply be a waste of time.Twitter also helps in engaging online businesses with potential and present customers, creating brand awareness, and also generating sales. It is a social platform that acts as a conduit for the communication of customers. Twitter operates with a conversational format that is open-ended, and as such, this makes it possible for businesses to meet online with other professionals in the same field. Thus, relationships are built and established.Social media platforms have evolved, and it is high time you started using them to grow your online business. The good news is that you can integrate Spy tool across all these social media platforms to gain valuable insight into your prospects. Also, you can spy on the performances of your competitor ads.

2. Explore Shopify Spy Tools

Undoubtedly, you can find different kinds of spy tools to do product research for your e-commerce business, such as FindNiche or AmzChart, they work for different platforms, but both would save your time and money to pick out the best selling items. Similarly, in e-commerce marketing, some people don’t get fearful about unhealthy competition in the online space. Instead, they see it as motivation. Having other businesses in your space is proof that there’s an audience that wants what you offer.Interestingly, there are online tools that you can exploit to stalk or spy on your competitors. In case you are experiencing setbacks in your online business, you can employ the strategies of your successful competitors.Keep in mind that stalking your competitors doesn’t ensure success, but it strengthens your position in the online market space.You can use Shopify spy tools to spy on your competitor’s social media platforms, observe your ads performances, and improve your e-commerce marketing strategies. This will surely help in remodeling your online business to fit into the online competition.BigSpy is one of the leading Shopify spy tools you can use while integrated into various social media platforms to promote the growth of your online e-commerce business.

BigSpy Integrated with Social Media

BigSpy is an amazing and free advertising spy tool, and it is highly recommended as a marketing strategy for e-commerce businesses. It stands out from many other ad spy tools online, given its unique features. When integrated with the social media platforms mentioned above, it offers you valuable insight into ads ideas, competition analysis, tracking of ads performances, and many more. Also, BigSpy effortlessly unifies various social media channels such as Pinterest, Facebook, Google, YouTube, Admob, Yahoo, and the likes. Moreover, it possesses an ample amount of data, and you can search for any significant platform creatives of your choice.

Spy on Your Competitors

BigSpy allows you to navigate your way into the creatives and ad strategies of your competitors, giving you an advantage to up your e-commerce marketing game. It covers many mainstream platforms, and as such, you can easily sort out keywords, categories, CTA types, and pages. Shopify store owners can leverage BigSpy tools to enhance their eCommerce business as it integrates numerous online platforms. Moreover, BigSpy is affordable, and you can even take advantage of its free features before you decide to go premium.

3. Prioritize Ad Design

Ad design has a long way to go in ensuring your online e-commerce business thrives. To successfully win customers, you must not conform to the regular ad designs that many businesses use, the peculiarity is what stands one out from the rest.Here are some designs you can incorporate in your ad campaigns to drive traffic and increase sales in your Shopify store:

Appealing Images

In every ad you run across various online platforms, ensure you use professional and high-quality shot images. You should try to present your product in real-life situations representations instead of overly-orchestrated and fake images.

Adding Faces to Images

You must also ensure you use faces in designing your ads because at the end of the day, you are selling your products to humans, and humans have a high tendency to connect with human figures. This is why using faces in ad designs that you can use as part of your e-commerce marketing strategy.

Image Simplicity

As much as using appealing images is ideal, simplicity is also essential. Making your images overly intricate with numerous distracting features could shift attention, which will not be suitable for your business.You must be keen on monitoring the trends in ad design and creating ads that are specifically for your target audience, but keep note that using simple images can do the trick.

4. Build Your Customer’s Trust

To take your online e-commerce business to a higher level, you must ensure you earn their trust. This is done by putting up social proof and featuring different reviews on your e-commerce website. Once you have earned the trust of your customers, getting more customers will be quite simple as there will be witnesses to verify the authenticity of your product or service. Trust is quite essential to any type of business, and it ensures the patronage of your customers is retained. Having a Shopify store with customers that trust you ordering your product gives a high level of satisfaction.

5. Connect with Your Customers

This is another tip you can try to enhance your online e-commerce business. You can try creating a group chat on any social media platform (preferably WhatsApp, Facebook, or Telegram) and add up all your customers. This way, you can easily keep track of them. Another way to connect with your customer is by giving them rewards. Do giveaway, offer special discounts and promo code, and do well to send them personalized emails. All these will enable you to connect with them on a personal level.

6. Communicate Promotion Season

You must ensure to inform your customers in advance about a promotion season you intend to organize for them. This way, they’d all be in expectancy. If you have a fixated time of the year for hosting promotional seasons, it could also win you lots of customers.


E-commerce marketing has lots of strategies, and you must harness them for your online business to thrive in the online space. These six tips mentioned above, when fully incorporated into your online marketing strategies, will help you to create a competitive advantage over and build a healthy customer relationship while trusting BigSpy to give you valuable insights on your competitors.

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