How to Incorporate Lifestyle Shots Into Your Product Photography

Lifestyle shots can be a powerful tool for businesses looking to build brand awareness and create a strong visual identity. Discover how to incorporate lifestyle shots into your product photography.

May 30, 2024

According to statistics, 95% of all purchase decision making takes place due to an emotional connection. Lifestyle shots showcase products in use, providing context and relatability. Unlike standard product photos on a white background, these shots evoke emotions and help customers visualize how your product fits into their lives. This emotional connection can significantly influence their purchasing decisions.

Lifestyle shots can be the start of a fruitful relationship if customers feel that you understand what they need and desire. This type of photography can be a powerful tool for you looking to build your brand awareness and create a strong visual identity. Continue reading to discover how to incorporate lifestyle shots into your product photography.

Know Your Ideal Customer

The foundation of a successful marketing strategy is understanding your target audience. Who are you selling to? Imagine their daily routines, hobbies, and aspirations. Are your customers young professionals seeking stylish tech accessories, or nature enthusiasts craving outdoor gear? By crafting lifestyle shots that reflect their world, you'll speak directly to their desires and make them envision themselves using your product.

Craft a Compelling Narrative

Lifestyle photography is more than just showcasing a product. Use it to tell a story. How does your product integrate into a customer's life? Imagine a cozy armchair shot with a throw blanket draped casually, whispering comfort and relaxation. Or picture a couple laughing and sharing a travel mug during a scenic hike, conveying adventure and shared experiences. Craft a narrative that speaks to their emotions and aspirations, making them yearn for the experience your product offers. And before the blink of an eye, shoppers are already at your store ready to purchase the product.

Choose Locations that Complements a Product

The backdrop plays a significant role in setting the mood and conveying your brand story. Imagine a sleek water bottle photographed against a backdrop of a rugged mountain vista, instantly establishing its connection to outdoor activities. Or a luxurious watch displayed on a sleek desk in a modern office, conveying professionalism and success. Choose locations that complement your product and brand identity, creating a visual connection with your target audience.

Use the Right Prop Power

The right props can elevate your lifestyle shots from good to great. They should enhance the product's functionality and aesthetic appeal. Think about complementary colors and textures that create a visually engaging scene. For instance, pair a travel mug with a map and guidebook to evoke a sense of adventure, or style a pair of sunglasses with a beach towel and seashells for a summery vibe. Note that props should tell a part of the story and not overwhelm the product itself.

Choose Models

While not essential for every shot, models can add a human element and showcase the product's scale and functionality. Choose models who represent your target audience and ensure their poses and expressions feel natural and relatable. Imagine a model sporting a fitness tracker during a workout routine, or a child engrossed in a game while using a tablet. Models can demonstrate how the product is used and worn, helping customers visualize it in their own lives. However, be mindful of overusing models, and prioritize authenticity over overly posed or staged scenarios.

Harness Natural Light

Natural light is often your best friend for lifestyle shots, especially outdoors. It creates a soft, diffused look that reflects how the product would appear in real-world settings. If using artificial light, experiment with different setups to achieve the desired mood. Avoid harsh shadows and aim for a natural, even lighting that showcases the product's details.

Embrace User-Generated Content (UGC)

Encourage delighted and satisfied customers to share photos of themselves using your products on social media. Reposting these authentic lifestyle shots with their permission showcases real people enjoying your products and builds trust with other potential customers. UGC feels more relatable than staged photos and demonstrates the product's versatility in real-life situations. Offer incentives like discounts or contests to encourage customer participation and leverage their content to strengthen your brand image.

Edit for Impact

Basic editing software can significantly enhance your lifestyle shots. Adjust lighting, exposure, and crop the image for optimal impact. Remember, aim for a natural look that reflects the authenticity of your scene. Avoid excessive filters or edits that distort the product's true appearance. Subtle adjustments can elevate the overall quality and visual appeal of your lifestyle photos.


Incorporate lifestyle shots into your product photography is an investment that pays off. If you incorporate these strategies, you can transform your dropshipping store to making groundbreaking sales. Remember, compelling product images don't just showcase what you sell, they tell a story that captivates your audience and converts them into loyal customers. So, grab your camera, unleash your creativity, and start incorporating lifestyle shots that elevate your brand and drive sales success.

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