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How to Use Email Marketing to Promote Your Drop Ship Store?

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January 14, 2019

A major part of running a drop shipping business is promoting products. We know potential sales are increased by promoting the online store. So now, let us talk about another way to promote and become successful in drop shipping. In this post, we will talk about email marketing to help your drop ship store.

But wait, how do we use email marketing to promote your drop shipping store?

When a customer buys, an email trigger will be activated. Promotion can happen when a customer left a product on the cart and did not complete a purchase. It could also be items or brand names that are related to the purchase. It can trigger special promo or discounts to potential customers.

Understanding Email Marketing

Email marketing is defined as the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a person or a group of people using email. The goal of email marketing is to send emails to potential or current customers. This may include advertisement, business request, or brand awareness. Email marketing is being sent to old or new customers to enhance relationship for customer loyalty and repeat business.

Advantages of Email Marketing

Email marketing presents a better relationship with customers driving better investment returns. We can say that email marketing is one of the best means of marketing. See why it is beneficial and how it will help your drop shipping business.

It is cost effective

As a businessman, one of the primary considerations you think of is cost. With email marketing, you do not need to shell out money for print cost, no postage, and advertising fees. All that is required is an active email address from your potential and old customers.

Tool to analyze the market

To measure the success of a business, it is essential to gather data and know the movement of sales. With email marketing, you can track the customer’s interest and behavior. From there, you can build a marketing strategy to campaign products which interests your customers more. Once a customer put an item on its cart but did not finish the sale that can activate the trigger. This means that the customer is more likely interested in these products.

Targeted Audience

Of course, when customers make that sale, you have a record of the customers status, demographics, and interests. With email marketing, you do not need to post advertising targeting the general market. You can promote what is required by your customers. Targeted audience reduces spending too much on unnecessary advertising with fewer returns. Saves time and energy also, does it?

Creating an Effective Email Marketing Strategy

Creating an email marketing strategy can be complicated. To avoid this, you may refer to the steps to create an effective email marketing strategy.

Choosing the Right Tools

To create an effective email marketing strategy, you have to choose the right tools. Here are some of the tools you can use for email marketing:

Search for other email marketing tools using your browser as there’s a long list of tools you can use. The ones I have mentioned are just some of the software that is readily available for you to use. You can refer to pricing, details, analytics platforms by checking their website and then choose whichever works best for your dropshipping business.

Target your Audience

Once you have chosen the right tool, you need to select the audience from your customer’s list. These are a few things to consider when choosing your audience.

  • Are these the best customers?
  • Why did the customer purchase our product?
  • What products did we offer that is not available to our competitors?

Select the Email Type to Send

There are different types of email you can send to your customers. Some of the email types you can use for your marketing are: Newsletters, Automated Drip Campaigns, Promotional Emails.

Set a Frequency For Your Emails

Each customer is unique. You can experiment to see that time of the day your audience is most engaged.

Set Goals

The main purpose of email marketing is for your customers to click on the link and make a purchase. Specifically, these are the goals you are looking to say that you have an effective email marketing strategy.

  • Increase click-through rates - It means that your customers were able to read through the email and followed the link to your website which increases conversions.
  • Increase ROI (Return on Investment) - You can set goals to improve your average ROI.
  • Increase open rates - An unread email is considered ineffective because it was not opened by your customer.
  • Increase the number of subscribers - The more people you reach via email means better business.

Design your Content

The next thing you have to consider when creating an effective email marketing strategy is the content. You have to ensure that your content is encouraging your audience to read through your email. You should also design your content to fit multiple devices. As a matter of fact, most of your customers use their mobile devices when browsing through emails because it is more convenient and handy. And lastly, create a subject line that will encourage your customers to open the email.

Monitor Email Marketing Performance

In email marketing, it is essential to monitor the performance by recording the results. Once you have the trends, you then adjust them as to what works best. Email marketing platforms have a set of analytics to gather data such as:

  • Email opens - This refers to the number of emails opened vs. the number of emails sent.
  • Email deliveries - This refers to the number of emails delivered from your list.
  • List of new and unsubscribers - Refers to the number of people who unsubscribed, and the number of new subscribers you gained.
  • ROI - (Return On Investment) - How much revenue did you generate from the emails sent vs. the amount spent.
  • Email bounces - The number of emails sent to customer’s inbox which bounced back unopened.

You can leverage through the data provided to have an effective email marketing strategy.

Once you have a strategy in place, you can execute the basics of your plan. With what you have learned today, you can now create your own email marketing strategy and set goals to help boost your dropshipping business.

Related Questions:

Is email marketing easy to do?

Yes, email marketing is easy to do. Businessmen use email marketing to promote their products because they find it cost-effective and efficient. This targets the right audience without spending too much cost. It is an effective way to build a strong and consistent relationship with your customers.

What is traditional marketing?

Traditional marketing refers to any type of promotion, advertising, and campaign that is being used by companies to promote business and improve sales. This is also used for mass communications. Traditional marketing includes: print advertisements, billboards, flyers, and leaflets newspaper print ads.

Which is better: traditional or digital marketing?

Digital marketing is anything like traditional marketing except for it uses digital devices. People are accustomed to traditional marketing because of longevity. However, today’s technology is in a call for interactive means of marketing targeting a specific audience that generates success. Whichever you choose for marketing is fine, as long as it produces enhanced output to your business.

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