Summertime Shipping: 10 Vital Tips for Seamless Order Fulfillment

Summer is a busy time for many businesses, including shipping companies Discover some vital tips to help you achieve seamless order fulfillment during the summertime shipping.

June 19, 2024

Summer is a busy time for many businesses. People are shopping for vacations, back-to-school supplies, and enjoying the warm weather. This means that shipping companies are busier than ever. To make sure your customers are happy, and your business runs smoothly, you need to pay special attention to your shipping process during this season. Here are nine vital tips to help you achieve seamless order fulfillment during the summer.

Plan Ahead

During summer, there are a lot of holidays and sales events, like the Fourth of July and back-to-school sales. By knowing when these busy times are coming, you can prepare your shipping process to handle more orders.

To plan ahead, start by looking at a calendar and marking the important dates. Think about how much extra stock you might need and talk to your suppliers early. This way, you won't run out of popular items when everyone wants to buy them. Also, make sure your staff knows about the busy times so they can be ready to work a bit harder.

Communicate with Customers

It’s expected that shipping times might be longer during the summer months because of the increased demand and possible delays. Make sure to let your customers know about any potential delays early enough and give them realistic delivery times.

You can do this by updating your website with information about shipping times and sending emails or text messages to customers when their orders are on the way. This way, they won't be surprised if their package takes a little longer to arrive.

Choose Reliable Shipping Partners

The importance of choosing reliable fulfillment partners cannot be overemphasized. You want a company with a track record for reliability and efficient service delivery, especially as your store is likely to get busier. So, if your current partner has been showing some red flags, you might have to start scouting for their replacement ahead of the busy season.

Do some research to find out which shipping companies have a good reputation for handling busy seasons. Also, look for reviews and ask other businesses for recommendations. Once you find a reliable partner, work closely with them to make sure your shipments are a top priority.

Optimize Your Inventory

If you’re not on the top of your inventory game yet, now is the time to correct the wrongs ahead of summer. Make sure you have enough stock of your most popular items, while factoring the anticipated spike in demand for outdoor products. This way, you won't run out when customers are eager to buy.

Furthermore, make full use of your inventory management software ahead of this period. For example, most solutions allow setting alerts for when items are running low so you can reorder before it's too late. If you’re not tapping into this and other awesome features, now is the best time to start.

Offer Multiple Shipping Options

Giving your customers choices is like letting them pick their favorite ice cream flavor. It makes them happy and more likely to come back. During the summer, some customers might need their orders quickly, while others might be okay with waiting a bit longer to save on shipping costs.

By offering different shipping options, like standard, expedited, or express shipping, you can effectively cater to your customers’ varying needs. Remember to clearly explain the costs and delivery times for each option on your website. This way, customers can choose what works best for them, and you can manage your shipments more efficiently.

Monitor Weather Conditions

Summer weather can be unpredictable, with sudden storms and heatwaves. Keeping an eye on the weather is important to make sure your shipments arrive safely and on time. For example, a storm can delay flights and cause shipping delays, while extreme heat can damage certain products.

Use weather monitoring tools or apps to stay informed about any upcoming weather issues. If you know a storm is coming, you can adjust your shipping plans to avoid delays. Communicate with your customers about any potential weather-related delays, so they know what to expect.

Streamline Your Packing Process

Having an efficient packing process is like having a well-organized backpack. It makes everything easier and faster. During the summer rush, you want to pack and ship orders as quickly as possible to keep up with demand.

You can achieve efficient fulfillment by creating a packing station with all the supplies you need, like boxes, tape, and bubble wrap. Additionally, train your staff to pack items quickly and securely and use labels and checklists to make sure every order is correct before it goes out. This helps prevent mistakes and speeds up the shipping process.

Track Your Shipments

Tracking your shipments helps you know where your packages are and when they'll arrive. Most shipping companies offer tracking services that let you and your customers see the progress of their orders.

Encourage your customers to use the tracking numbers provided to check their order status. This way, they can know when to expect their package and plan accordingly. If there are any delays or issues, you'll know right away and can take action to solve the problem.

Prepare for Returns

Sometimes, customers need to return items. Being ready for returns helps you handle these situations smoothly and keeps your customers satisfied. First, you must make your return policy clear and easy to find on your website.

Afterward, provide instructions on how to return items and offer prepaid return labels if possible. This makes the process simple for your customers and shows that you care about their experience. Handling returns efficiently helps build trust and encourages customers to shop with you again.


Summertime shipping can be a challenge, but with the right preparation, you can ensure seamless order fulfillment. By following the tips shared in the article, you can keep your customers happy and your business booming all summer long. If you need assistance with order fulfillment, do not hesitate to contact our trusted team at Fulfillman. We're always available to help.

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