The Ultimate Dropshipping Checklist for New Business Owners

To set your ecommerce or dropshipping business for success, you'll need a checklist to guide you through. Here's a detailed dropshipping checklist for new business owners.…, Continue Reading….

October 17, 2021

When you're just starting an online business, it's not unusual that you'd be confused. Most beginners get confused at the onset, but things get better as they get the hacks of the business. You may do things randomly, which can make you miss some steps. To set your dropshipping business for success, you'll need a checklist to guide you through. So we've created an ultimate drop shopping business list for new online store owners.

The Ecommerce Checklist- Overview

An e-commerce checklist contains the series of steps that an online business owner would need to pass through while creating an online store. The checklist helps to guide you and streamline the process of setting up your online business.

The Importance of an Ecommerce Checklist

You'd probably have used a checklist at one point or the other for your grocery shopping, traveling preparation, or an event. A checklist acts as a guide that ensures you don't forget or skip anything. It can be overwhelming to remember all the processes of launching your online business. E-commerce checklists help you follow a step-by-step process without forgetting or neglecting any business launching process, from choosing themes and design elements to placing images and cart icons.

Dropshipping Checklist

To make things easier, here's a dropshipping checklist to use as you launch your business:

Choose a Custom Domain

With a custom domain, you would gain brand recognition faster, and people would easily know your web address. You can opt to use your desired name with a domain name tool. Sites like Shopify allow you to buy a custom domain.

Set Up Your Business Pages

Some customers usually browse a business site to gain knowledge on what value the business offers. It's essential that you provide standard pages that give relevant information about your business. The basic business page for your dropshipping business includeHome Page: Your homepage is the first page that your customers see when they visit your store. It gives customers access to other product categories and sections of the store. Hence the links to your products should be placed on this page.Contact Page: This page includes channels of communication that your customers can use to contact you. It could be an email, a bot, a contact form, a phone number, or an address.About Page: This is where your customers get information about the business, the story behind it, and the brand's values and objectives. Your about page should be able to inspire your customers.FAQ page: People would always have concerns, questions, and queries. The FAQ page helps them address any concerns, including return policy concerns, shipping duration, etc.Terms of Service Page: This provides information on your legally backed up terms of operations to protect you in case of disputes.Privacy Page: Here, you provide information on how customer data is used. You can get a lawyer to guide you on drafting your privacy policy.

Organize Your Checkout Page

A poorly optimized checkout process can make customers abandon their carts. If your checkout page is well streamlined, it can increase your chances of making a sale. A good idea is to minimize the slow loading process, provide multiple payment options, provide easy cart adjustment, currency conversion features, and fix possible errors that could occur during the checkout process.

Select Your Sales Channels

You can provide multi sales channels where customers can shop for their products to increase your chances of generating more sales. For instance, advertising your product on several online marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, or Facebook can widen your reach.

Optimize Your Store for SEO

SEO is vital if you want your dropshipping store to come up in search results. Customers can easily find you if your store is SEO optimized, increasing your chances of getting sales. Some of the SEO tactics you can use for your online store includes keyword research, keyword optimization, using a sitemap, schema markup, and adopting a content marketing strategy,

Set Up Your Email Marketing

You can use emails to welcome customers and send offers to existing customers. Your email marketing strategy should include welcome emails, order confirmation emails, abandoned cart emails, order tracking emails, and product arrival notifications.

Set Up Your Analytics

Analytics tools like Google Analytics help you make sound business decisions; it gives you information about the highest-performing content and product. You can also use it to monitor your traffic and conversion rate.

Check Your Shipping Rates

It's vital that you analyze your shipping rates to avoid losing money. Consider if you need to charge extra fees for express delivery or international shipping.

Add the Relevant Apps and Test the Site Before Launching

You can include apps like social proof and upselling and cross-selling tools to enhance your site's functionality. Ensure you test the website to check if everything is working correctly. Check for mobile compatibility and see that all pages load fast.


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