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Video Ads Marketing: How to Generate Leads and Sales Using Video Ads

Video marketing can help boost brand awareness and increase customer engagement. Here are some vital video ads marketing strategies that can help you generate more leads and propel…, Continue Reading…

January 25, 2024

Video marketing boasts an unrivaled potential to boost brand awareness and increase customer engagement. According to Vidyard’s 2023 Video in Business Benchmark Report,about 74% of B2B marketers believe that video converts better than any other type of content. Therefore, it's not surprising to know that about 91% of businesses now include video in their marketing strategy.If you’ve been wondering how you can leverage video ads to generate leads and sales, you can rest assured you’ve come to the right place. Here are some fool-proof video ads marketing strategies that can help you generate more leads and propel your business to your target audience:

Understand Your Target Audience

Having an in-depth understanding of your target audience is an essential part of any video advertisement campaign. Ultimately, your aim is to create videos that resonate with your audience’s interests and pain points.But how can you achieve this if you don’t have them mapped out yet? Once you know your target audience, you can easily tailor your content to address their pain points, and you’re more likely to generate ample leads and conversions that way.

Tell a Story

Narratives are powerful, and even more so in today’s emotional marketing landscape. You can easily feed into your audience’s emotions by creating narratives they can relate with to create a connection between them and your products or service.Rather than creating generic content about your offerings, show them real-world examples of how you’ve been able to solve problems.

Optimize for Mobile Viewing

According to a recent survey, about 75% of consumers revealed they prefer watching video content on their mobile devices. Thus, you have to ensure that your video ads are optimized for mobile viewing before uploading.You can achieve this by using a vertical or square aspect ratio, using a captivating thumbnail, keeping the video short, among other strategies. Furthermore, it’s also important to include captions or subtitles since many mobile viewers watch videos without sound.

Gate Your Content

Gating simply means making your content inaccessible to prospects until they provide their info. Although this strategy may not work well when you’re just strating out, it’s a potent lead generation tool for established brands. Even as an upcoming brand, you can use tools like Turnstile to add forms to the middle of videos or at the end of it. If the prospect is hooked by the teaser in the video, they’re more than likely to fill the form.

Add a Clear CTA

You should always conclude your video with a call-to-action. When you don’t you leave the decision of what next to do up to the user, and that’s not always a good idea. According to a test by Vidyard, including a CTA at the end of your video can boost your conversion rate by up to 20%. For video ads, CTAs should comprise a mixture of annotations and texts to increase chances of conversion.

Diversify Marketing Channels

For many marketers, social media still remains the best platform to promote video ads. However, you shouldnt limit your promotion efforts to popular social media platforms alone. Depending on your niche, you can explore less saturated options such as Pinterest, Amazon, Quora, etc.These platforms also have great potential and they can give you outstanding numbers, as long as they’re a good fit for your niche. Keep in mind that the same video may not perform excellently across all platforms. So, you may have to repurpose your videos for individual platforms.

Consider Building a Video Post-Click Landing Page

Building a post-click landing page for your video ad is typically more effective than simply uploading the video on just any web page. This is because a post-click landing page will contain less distractions than a regular web page.Moreover, you can include a built-in form for the page, providing an extra avenue to convert prospects. Post-click landing pages work well for video testimonials, explainer videos, introductory videos, etc.

A/B Testing

To be honest, you’re not likely to generate massive leads and sales from your videos ads at the first try. That’s why you'll need to experiment with various video formats, contents, call to actions, platforms, and other variables.You should use A/B testing to analyze the performance of different elements and then tweak accordingly. Importantly, you’ll also need to keep a close eye on key performance metrics, even if it appears you’ve found a winning formula. With extensive testing and tracking, you can always stay on top of your game with video ads marketing.


Video advertisement, no doubt, holds a greater potential for conversion than any other ad form. However, it’s not a given that your content will convert as long as it’s in video form. You’ll need to create the right video for your audience and put it where they can see it to get the best results. You can also improve your lead generation and conversion significantly by following the tips highlighted in this guide.

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